Mar 30, 2014

Download RTHK audio programme archive

In the following, I will show you how we can download RTHK audio programmes through its archive directly. Here we assume you have install ffmpeg.

1) Visit here to locate the programme that you want to download. Go to the page where you can play the sound file.

2) Right click on the webpage so you can view the source code. For example, with Interent Explorer, you should choose the "View Source" item.

3) Locate the value of hlsStreamUrl[0]. In the following example, it is ""

4) At where you can access ffmpeg executable, run the following command:
ffmpeg -i [hlsStreamUrl[0]] [output_filename]

In the following example, it is:
ffmpeg -i output.mp3

Reference: here

P.S. RTHK mp3 player:


  1. is view source code same as inspect element? i can't find view source code, but i found inspect element. However, there is no hlssteamULR

    1. If you are using Internet Explorer, you should be able to see "view source" alongside with "inspect element" when you right click on the web browser. You shall find hisstreamURL there.